Awareness of Extrasensory Perception

Human sensory processes are known and well defined. There is a source such as light, sound, smell or temperature which all consists of waves of a specific frequency our human body can detect and decern as long as it is in a specific frequency range. These waves are in contact with one of our sensory organs and this sends an impulse through our nervous system, which is interpreted by the brain. Then it goes through the analytical process of interpretation. The temperature of this item is too hot and causes pain, I’d better not touch it again! I recognise this voice, it sounds like my friend’s voice. This forms the basis of learning from experience and memory.

Although this is the most common way of gaining knowledge and making sense of the world around us, there is something that has been puzzling researchers for centuries. Some people seem to be able to perceive things that are shielded from their ordinary five senses through, distance, all forms of shielding and even time (all without the aid of technology). In fact, there are millions of accounts from people all around the world who have experienced these phenomena. It would be easy to dismiss these millions of accounts as all being just imagination or pure coincidence because what we currently know and understand of the human body does not suggest this is in the realms of possibility. Dismissing it outright is not going to result in new discoveries.

Careful examination of the evidence suggests however that there is something about the human potential we do not fully understand. Some humans have developed the potential to perceive things which are far beyond what can be expected of our normal five senses and they were able to repeat the process with reasonable consistency. This has even been established and replicated under controlled laboratory conditions. Long before Western scientists started to look into this phenomena, the Soviet Union had already proven the existence of (Bio-communication) what we call ESP and human telepathy. Dr J.B. Rhine and his wife Louisa Rhine were the first pioneers in the USA to look into the possibility of ESP and telepathy. Years later, Dr Harold Puthoff and Dr Russell Targ, both laser physicists started to work on government contracts to research the possibility of these human abilities being, not only in existence but, also being useful for intelligence purposes.

After 2.5 decades of US research and over 5 decades of former Soviet research, the question is no longer “Do phenomena such as ESP and Telepathy exist?” In order to progress a list of new questions need to be addressed.

    What are some of the underlying processes of ESP and Telepathy?”
    How can the signal to noise ratio be reduced even further?
    How can we identify those who are truly naturally gifted or skilled? What do they have in common and what are their differences?
    What are some of the social, legal and ethical concerns that could arise from the findings?
    What are some of the occupational health and safety hazards for those who apply their talent or skills?
    How could these skills add value to society without bringing imbalance?
    Can it be used for understanding or translating forms of non-verbal communications?

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