ProjectX is online software designed to provide trained Remote Viewers with a high quality, double blind, practice target, with ample feedback for reference and the best possible learning experience. The software will also provide an unbiased scoring system, of the data the user provides. This software is currently in the early development stages.

We have asked Remote Viewers on different platforms for their suggestions and input as to what would be useful features for their practice.

Apart from providing a high quality tool for Remote Viewing practice, the system will be designed for research of the data provided. One of the goals is to compare data points in the system with the Global Consciousness Project to determine if there is any correlation between the Global Consciousness Random Event Generator output and individual Remote Viewing Sessions.

This research can provide valuable insight for Remote Viewers as to what may, or may not influence their Remote Viewing sessions. This knowledge is vital if important decisions are made based on Remote Viewing data.


  • The basic login system and part of the Admin system have already been developed.
  • A minimum of targets have been uploaded to the database and several test users have been entered in the system.
  • Random number generator has been developed and is linking to user-login and random target.
  • Admin can upload targets to the system, admin can make minor edits, but cannot delete targets from the database.


  • Target Reference Numbers (Two sets of 4 random numbers) can be requested by user.
  • Random Target Reference Number is assigned to Random Target and linked to the User
  • Admin has no control over assignment of the Target or the TRN generated for that user's Target.
  • Feedback for the User is automatically generated once the status is closed and session data is submitted.
  • These pages are suitable for print or PDF generator. Click here for PDF example


  • User form to record their session data has been developed
  • Remote Viewing Style Selection option implemented
  • User Timezone selection implemented.
  • Session Start time/date & End Time/date implemented
  • Recoding of Primary Gestalt implemented
  • Session Summary Text box implemented
  • Upload option of one image implemented.


  • User page stat's shows how many sessions the user has completed and how many of those are correct.
  • Session Start time/date & End Time/date now displayed in 24hr clock.
  • User's Open Session will remain open until submitted, only after submitting a session a new Target Reference Number can be requested by the user.
  • The user will receive immediate Feedback when the session has been submitted.
  • User is required to select the Major Gestalt of the Target.
  • Feedback will also indicate if the user has remote viewed the Major Gestalt of the Target correctly.
  • User can view a list of submitted targets, click on the Target Reference Number will take the user to their Session and Feedback.
  • Admin can see how many Users are logged-in at any given time.


  • User can choose for each completed session if they want their session to be made public or kept private. (Only Admin has access to all data, public or private).
  • All users can comment on all Sessions that are displayed in public. Admin can moderate comments or delete if required.
  • Users can write "after session notes" where they can record their experience after they have received the feedback. Theses are private to the user.
  • Users can upload their Site Template Sketch to an online folder.
  • Users can preset their time-zone and their preferred Remote Viewing style / modality in their user profile.
  • User Gravatar is linked to their account (disable option still to be developed.)


  • Gravatar enable/disable option has been implemented.
  • Each user will have personal statistics including pie-chart on their private profile.
  • Statistical overview of all site users has been implemented.
  • Public list of Top 10 Remote Viewers has been implemented.
  • Site Usage Policies and Procedures are being developed.
  • Info-graphics and Informational Video will be developed.
  • Site has passed initial Security Assessment (security SSL certificate will be implemented)
  • Option for Remote Viewers "Portfolio" will be implemented

Testing Phase...

1 October 2018, After nearly 10 months of work the program is ready for the initial testing phase. Not all of the intended features are available yet, but the main program is ready for testing. The current Target Database is small, this will also be expanded. A select group of people will be invited to test the website to provide feedback on security, user experience and cross-browser / cross platform usage.


Next Steps...

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