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Why ProjectX

The field of Remote Viewing (the controlled use of Extrasensory Perception) has always faced the challenge of proving its value to the community and business. Remote Viewing has long proven its value in investigations and military intelligence. We only need to look at the declassified US "Project Stargate" files to conclude that this tool has been applied since 1971 and was used up until 1995! If it was not deemed useful for intelligence purposes, the program would not have lasted for 24 years.

Consistency, Accuracy and Value

There has been a lot of speculation about the "scoring" of Remote Viewers and their Remote Viewing Sessions. The question is: "What is being measured and how?" During the early SRI (Stanford Research Institute) experiments and many others, the Remote Viewing Session was conducted under a double blind protocol and the feedback was given after the Remote Viewing Session was completed. Sometimes multiple independent "judges" were used to determine if the session matched the target. Former US Military Remote Viewer and Database expert Lyn Buchanan designed a system of measurement within different categories. His system measures the number of perceptions correct against the total amount of measurable perceptions, this system is great for measuring individual performance. However, all these approaches have one major problem; It requires human interpretation after the feedback is available. A critical question is: "Are the judges, the researchers or the Remote Viewers making the data fit the target feedback?" No human being is completely unbiased, no matter how hard we try. A better way to measure would be a binary computer system! It is either "yes" or "no", "correct" or "incorrect", there is no "maybe, possibly, could be, might be". However, the computer cannot interpret natural human language and there are many ways to describe one and the same thing. The challenge is to design the best possible computer aided scoring system. A system that will, beyond a shadow of a doubt determine the Remote Viewers's accuracy and consistency.

The Importance of Double Blind & Consistent Scoring

It is quite difficult for Remote Viewers to gauge how they are performing, or to demonstrate their performance is really consistent and accurate. Some have stood up to the challenge of Remote Viewing on live Television and performed really well, only to hear that: "Their result must be a coincidence or is not quite confirmed!" It is also difficult to gauge how your performance measures compared to others. Unbiased scoring of Double-Blind Remote Viewing Sessions over a longer period of time is the solution. Of course human feedback will also be available within the system, but the most important part is consistent and accurate (as accurate as possible) computer based scoring/measurement. Are you one of those talented Top Remote Viewers? Do you want to see how far you can go? This online tool will not only give you the opportunity to test yourself under double-blind conditions, but also to demonstrate (if you wish) your consistency and accuracy over a long period of time.

Remote Viewer Track Record

The most famous people in Remote Viewing history(eg. Ingo Swann, Pat Price, Joe McMoneagle) have all been hired as Remote Viewers or 'Consultants', because they have been rigorously tested under a double-blind scientific protocol. Their Remote Viewing Data was/is proven to be above average in accuracy and consistency. Not everyone gets the opportunity to be tested in a laboratory environment and not everyone wants to! You can now be part of a research project from the comfort of your own home and build a proven track record! Do it for yourself or show the world what you can do...It's up to you!

How to Get Started?

If you are not familiar with Remote Viewing or it's terminology read this first. If you are ready to get started:

  1. Read the terms and conditions of use and a health warning before registering click here
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Why a Subscription?

There are several reasons why this is not a free service:

  1. A free Target Practice Database will attract people who are not really serious about Remote Viewing or, who intend to deliberately skew the data to 'prove' Remote Viewing is 'not real', by submitting fake sessions. Charging a small fee may not eliminate this completely, but it will greatly reduce the chance!
  2. ProjectX is a private research project, with no external or govenment funding! Made by an experienced Remote Viewer for Remote Viewers.
  3. Domain names, Hosting, Test Servers (equipment), Security Certificates, Scripts, Hiring Experts to develop better algorithms, buying books and papers on development of research 10.000 hrs of problems solving, looking for suitable target material for Remote Viewers and creating the entire is all not free!
  4. You will benefit immensely from using this web application! Whether it be establishing credentials and/or learning and practicing your skills! Surely that is worth a lot more than one cup of coffee per month!
  5. Why are the Pages so Bland?

    The reason why most of these pages are bland and void of images and colour is because people who intend to do sessions may get "stuck" with colours and images in their subconscious mind just before their session. This can cause a distraction during the Remote Viewing session.


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