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Remote Viewing is a controlled way of using Extrasensory Perception, with the purpose of obtaining information on specific people, places, objects and events, shielded from our ordinary five senses, by means of the human mind alone. A Remote Viewer is a person who has been trained to use their Extrasensory Perception to obtain information under strict scientific double-blind protocols and following a certain method of data collection.

The specified person, object, place or event is referred to as the Target. Each Target is set by either a Tasker or Project Manager, by specifying a task (eg. "Sketch and describe the current location of [insert name]"). This is usually accompanied by photographic material know as "Target Material", although it is not necessary to have target material. The Target/Task is then assigned a Random Number, referred to as the Target Reference Number (TRN) these numbers are also known as Target Coordinates.

The Remote Viewer will only receive the Target Reference Number and will have no contact with the Tasker/Project Manager until the Remote Viewing Session is completed. Hence the Remote Viewer will not know what the task is or what the target is and is by definition "double-blind" to the target. (Both the Remote Viewer or anyone in contact with the Remote Viewer have no idea what the task or target could be.

One could say a Remote Viewer is a someone who applies their innate psychic abilities, while adhering to scientific protocol and applying a certain method of obtaining and reporting the information in a structred format. Every Remote Viewer is psychic, but not every Psychic is a Remote Viewer!

Why a Blind or Double Blind Protocol?

Using a Double Blind Protocol serves two purposes. It is currently the best way to ensure the description given by the Remote Viewer could only be obtained by means of Extrasensory Perception. The Remote Viewer cannot use "Cold-Reading" or other means of obtaining the information.

Extrasensory Perception may include Telepathic Overlay (The Remote Viewer reading the Tasker's mind long distance). This can be prevented by using an automated system that randomly selects one of hundreds of preset targets in a Database and assigns each Remote Viewer with and individual set of random Target Reference Numbers for this task, in which case the Tasker is not involved in the selection of the Target for each Remote Viewer. Remote Viewers cannot share or compare notes, even in the unlikely event they have been given the same target reference numbers, their Target will be different.

Another benefit for the Remote Viewer of having no prior knowledge at all, as to what the Target could be, is that his or her logical mind cannot use deductive reasoning or logical inferance and really has to rely on Extra Sensory Input for any information.

Remote Viewing Data

Data perceived by the Remote Viewer is usually recorded in descriptors. The Remote Viewer describes the target using, colours, textures, tastes, smells, temperatures and dimensions. Eg.: "Yellow, curved, soft inside, smooth, rubbery, slightly sticky outside, smells, sweet, somewhat chemical, musty and stale. Appears to have been attached to something." The Remote Viewers mind will by nature search their memory to find something they know that matches this description. They will report:"It is LIKE a banana!" The word "Banana" is a name and not a description. The Remote Viewer is trained to recognise this and label the perception of "banana" Analytical Overlay (AOL's) (a.k.a. Stray-Cat).

The human mind has the habit of trying to make sense of our perceptions, but these are merely interpretations of the things we perceive. Our interpretation may not be correct, especially if we are describing something we have never seen or experienced before. The word "banana" needs to be set aside, because if the interpretation in incorrect we may associate all other perceptions with this object and before we know it we are describing a monkey in the jungle eating a banana, while the actual target was someone's yellow sneaker on the doormat in a house.

All perceptions including AOL's are typed up in a full report, which is the Remote Viewing Session Summary. ProjectX has designed a system that will use automated "scoring" of the data. The data you have submitted will be compared to the text in the Database and it will show how many words matched the original description. We have tried to account for English language variations and synonyms commonly used. The automated system is not a human judge, it will not pick up on subtile nuances, spelling mistakes. The system only judges Yes or No according to its given parameters and this may result in lower scores compared to human judging.

Because of the strict and automated judging; if you have several matching descriptors and you have selected the Gestalt Category correct, you have certainly picked up on the given target!


Written desciptions of perceptions can paint a great picture of what it is the Remote Viewer has been perceiving during their session, but a picture paints a thousand words and can be a useful asset to determine how the target was perceived. Some people find it easier to sketch the target than to describe the target in words. A Remote Viewing session, usually consists of multiple little sketches and descriptions, which are later put together in a Site Template. A site template is one sketch that will be a total depiction of the perceived Target.

Unfortunately the System of ProjectX cannot score or measure data within uploaded files. However you can show-case your artistic endevours to others by making your work public online. Other users can then leave comments on your work. You will need to approve these comments before they show in public.

Date, Time and Global Time-Zone

When entering your Remote Viewing data, you are required to record the date and start time of your session, the date and end time of your session and the time-zone you were in while doing the session. This information is important! This data allows us to compare Remote Viewing Sessions with other time based databases, such as the Global Consciousness Project. It also shows how long you have been working on your sessions and it can tell us for instance if longer sessions are more accurate than shorter ones or vice-versa.

After Notes

Once you have submitted your session work, you will see the Feedback and this is the Target associated with your Target Reference Number. When you review your Feedback, you can add some Session After Notes It is usefull for Remote Viewers to keep track of how they were feeling during the session and / or what they thought they perceived and what they actually perceived. Hindsight is indeed a wonderful thing! This is a great way of learning how your individual mind works!


Why Research?

Remote Viewing can be mind-bogglingly accurate, but it can also fail to produce the desired results. Like any human skill, it is not 100% correct or on target all the time. However, the simple fact that a person can describe a target that is completely unknown to them, anywhere in the world or outside of it, is an amazing feat! The odds of getting even partial information on such target are astronomical! It could of course be, sheer luck or coincidence! But where do we draw the line between coincidence and a real phenomena, if these feats are regularly achieved by different people under double-blind protocol? Most scientists in the field of Extrasensory Perception have concluded that it works or at minimum that the data suggests there is something going on we do not quite understand yet. This is why research in this field is incredibly important! With this research project we hope to clarify the following issues:

  • Are some training methods really better than others?
  • When scoring is done by independent judges after the session, are they trying to make the data fit?
  • Are certain Targets easier to perceive than others? Eg. High Energy or Emotional Targets.
  • Can we establish a new method of unbiased (computer aided) measuring of consistency, accuracy and detail?
  • What would be required, apart from consistency, accuracy and detail to measure an individual's Remote Viewing Capability for practical purposes?
  • Do Global Consciousness Events influence Remote Viewing performance?
  • Nature or Nurture? Can people really be taught Remote Viewing?
  • These are only a few of the questions we investigate.


    Critical thinking is essential in any area of research and especially in cases where the processes involved are not clearly understood. An "experimenter effect" can never be excluded. Those who design the experiment are as much part of the experiment as the people evaluating or participating in the research. Even the best attempts to make the system as unbiased as possible, will not exclude the fact that the person designing and developing the system, bears some influence on that system.

    Constructive critisism is most welcome! Especially pertaining to improvement of design or new and innovative ways of collecting data that will lead to greater insight in the functioning of Remote Viewers.

    We have however, closed the endless debate by sceptics if Remote Viewing is possible. The main focus is now on the processes of and influences on Remote Viewing and how to measure results in an even more accurate way.


    The procedures and protocols are easy to learn. The more challenging part is to tap into your subconscious mind and obtain the information on demand. The ProjectX provides you with a target pool which contains a variety of targets, this will allow you to practice your skills in the specified double-blind way. It provides the Remote Viewer with unbiases and very strict feedback. The computer is a tough Task Master, but if you succeed, you know you are among some of the best performing Remote Viewers in the world. If you are unfamiliar with Remote Viewing, please check out the links on this website or the resources list on www.remoteviewingresearch.org

    Remote Viewing as a Career?

    Although it is still quite rare, there are people who actually work as Remote Viewers and get paid for their service. They are usually hired as "consultants". Some areas Remote Viewing is applied to are:

  • Research & Development
  • Financial Markets
  • Locating Natural Resources
  • Law Enforcement & Private Investigations
  • Innovative Engineering and Design Solutions
  • Corporate Consultancy
  • Arts, Entertainment and Science-fiction Development
  • In an ever increasing competitive world, large companies and corporations are constantly looking for information that can help them develop new products, find resources, check if a certain deal is right for their business. Sometimes it is not enough to rely only conventional resources, because these are usually the same and available to everyone. The application of skilled Remote Viewers may give the advantage and / or save millions of dollars. However, no one would waste money, time and effort on hiring a Remote Viewing consultant, if they have no proven track record! Those who have been asked to work for Corporations, usually sign a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement, which is understandable, but doesn't allow the Remote Viewer to use their achievement as a reference!

    The ProjectX application displays Top-Remote Viewers under their username and, Remote Viewing sessions can be made public by the Remote Viewer. If the Remote Viewer chooses, he or she can allow contact requests. These requests will be sent to ProjectX and relayed to the individual Remote Viewer, without compromising their privacy. It is up to the Remote Viewer to engage with prospect clients or not.

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    For those who never read terms & conditions, here are the important points in short!

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