Remote Viewing Gestalt Categories

Measurements of Gestalt Categories

One of the more general ways of measuring if the Remote Viewer has been able to "hit the Target" is to set the target as being one of the following Gestalt Categories; Land. Water, Mountain, Structure, Life form or Energy.


The tasking will be: "Describe the target at the time the photograph was taken.(Focus on the main/primary gestalt.) The tasker sets the primary Gestalt Category when creating the target. If the target's Gestalt Category is amibiguous (containing both land and water) the tasker will select the most dominant or prominent feature of the target. It is up to the Remote Viewer to select the primary gestalt, which was set by the tasker. For instance; water is generally contained in something. Is the target the water or the land or structure it is contained in? If the target is an island (land), the target is not the water! Of course the island is surrounded by water, that is what makes it the island! Having water there is correct! However it was not the pre-set gestalt category by the tasker. In which case it will be counted as incorrect, because the water (although it is there!), was NOT the target.

Hit or Miss

The computer is strict in its assessment. You either HIT the target or, you MISSED it. If you missed selecting the correct Gestalt Category, it doesn't mean your Remote Viewing Session was not good!! A secondary system will look at the number of words in your Summary that match the Target description. This system is still in it's early stages of development, but once it is working properly it will also take this score into account. This will give a more realistic view of your overal performance.


General land masses, (which may or may not contain structures or life forms). Some examples of the Gestalt Category "Land"; Deserts, plains, fields, hills, craters, pits, gorges, beaches, roads, paths, tracks, parks etc.


General bodies of water, (which may or may not contain land, structures, life forms or energy). Some examples of Gestalt Category "Water"; Ocean, sea, lake, river, pond, waterfall, dam, canal, water way, stream. Mostly referring to water in liquid form.


General mountains, mountain ranges (Which may or may not contain, land, water, life forms, structures, energy)Some examples of Gestalt Category "Mountain"; "Mountain, Volcano, Peak, Large Rock Formation


General structures, (which may or may not contain water, land, life forms or energy). Some examples of "structure": All constructed objects by either human or other beings,

Life Form(s)

All beings; Human, animal, insect, microbe, bacteria in living or deceased form. Some examples of "life form": Cat, dog, fish, ant, human, mammoth, mice, yelly-fish, reptiles.


High energy (which may or may not contain structures, land or water). Some examples of "energy": Stars, Sun, Explosion, Laser beam, Nuclear reactor, Particle excelleration, raging storm, cyclone, tornado, lightning strike.


If you pick up on multiple gestalts, ask yourself: "What is the predominant sense at this target? What really stands out?"


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