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Target Image User Name TRN Gestalt Summary Site Template Correct Likes
imageGabe796619 - 8775LifeformRoads, forests, Mountain or high hill with an old hystorical site, rocky, granite. A military fort or ruins of a Castle. There seems to be water, trees, and a Formula 1 track around it, asphalt with cracks, a sense of speed, humans, subjects, autumn, leaves, brownish colours. Had an AOL of Great Wall. There are scattered stones, parts of a wall. Feels European. Monza, San Remo. Red, violet, Green lights in the night. Braking and screeching sounds, motor humming. Had am image of tall Grey /White structures with golden tops, like domes of Kremlin churches. image00
imageGabe792484 - 9413MountainMountain, cave, subject, speleology, blue crystals, river, hydroelectric plant, rotation, underground tunnel /cave, underground river, exploration. As a Word, Tresvisa caves. A Mountain lake above the cave. I did a full CRV session on this target and I could see mechanic means for cobtrolling water flow, shiny steel surfaces and an underground river flowing from a tunnel or cave entrance down the valley. A subject exploring in specialized gear, blueish structures resembling mine crystals. image00
imageRemoteViewer125963 - 1065Landopen, wide yellow, dark, long, angular, AOL road, AOL desert, vast, warm, desolate, empty, voidimage11
imageRemoteViewer129762 - 4890MountainTarget appears to be stony, rocky, solid, hard, cool, moist. There appear to be some lifeforms or a life form present at the target site. It feels more natural than man made. There appears to be an acidic chemical smell.image01
imageGabe798795 - 5066LandFor this session I had a strong AOL a few hours prior to solving the target. During my session I could find what looks like land with hills, valleys, a volcano, volcanic caldera, lava. As for the colours: red, yellowish red, green, grey. Something akin to a viscuous liquid but not quite water although probing the ideogram I found it to be mushy and soft. A sense of energy, thermal energy, a downwards flow on a slope, vapours or mist in the air, land. Something geological, related to soil, earth, land. Heat, pungent smell. Something stativ, enclosed perhaps inside a cavity. The final sketch gave me hints of a volcanic caldera.image01
imageGabe796495 - 3620StructureLooks like a geographical location, where people sometimes meet, perhaps something ritualistic. Rocky structures, liquid, water, blue sky. Structure is man-made, artificial, but rather old, perhaps historical. In an open area, structure has cavities, niches, corners, an idea of hights, gathering.Desert, windy, sand or particulate matter. image01
imageGabe796107 - 5743WaterThe ideogram points me to a structure with some kind of flow associated to it or around it and at least one human subject. Seems to be a kind of device which can be handled by man if I am to give the preliminary data. Going deeper with the methods, I can assume it is either a natural rocky formation with water flowing at the base, with small round pebbles, stones, perhaps vegetation and birds, at one level of size. Passing at another level of size I could say there is a subject in front of a cornered artificial structure with some kind of flow associated to it. Colours: gray, blue, orange, green. I could initially sense a blurr, a shakiness of sorts related to the ideogram, like something energetic happening. I could also see some round structures with long structures coming out of it just at the beginning of the session. The scanning result gave me the result you can see in the photo where it says : SCAN. as of now, I am systemtizing my perceptions as: {received ideas} [received words] image01
imageGabe791418 - 9857MountainI must rewrite it again since the session expired, grrr. Anyway, we have tall peaked structures. Mountains with cascade and an artificially built structure on one side of the mountain, for tourism and fun. There is also something like an old mine around there, an entrance partially covered with old wooden planks. object is way bigger than man average height, so it could be mountains. If it is a photo must be from 1864/1964/54 as my internal voice told me. What you have in square brackets in the photo is from my internal voice. accolades are ideas which came to me automatically. image00
imageAnitaIkonen7331 - 8053StructureBox containing a gray smooth oval stone in one corner and soft red. Such an initial element could only be consistent with it being a structure out of these six categories.image02
imageAnitaIkonen6921 - 3981StructureMain element is a circular patch on the ground which is blue and has a silver shimmer and rotates around continuously, there is a downward spiraling from it. Above it sits a glass bowl with outward bulging boundary, above the bowl is a sphere with a flat top and bottom, things can fall straight through the sphere and bowl, there may be a pole under the sphere. Low black elements on two sides, the blue circle is a small secret space where we can hide. Yellow and green color are adjacent. Difficult target signal to probe.image03


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